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Could You Write Yourself A Love Letter…

Photo by John Jennings on Unsplash

It’s much more difficult than it sounds.  If you had to sit down and write about all the things you love and value about your husband, wife or significant other, most of us could fill the page.  We are so conditioned to express our love to others (which is a great thing).  But what about the greatest and longest love affair you will ever have?   You know- the one with you.  That beautiful loving relationship needs to be developed, cultivated and ultimately celebrated. 

When you love and respect yourself it pours out to others so they can benefit as well and more importantly, they in turn learn how to love and treat you.

Have kind words when you reference yourself.  Seriously.  Would you walk up to your best friend and tell them they are stupid, fat, ugly, or worthless?  Of course not.  As a good friend with the best intentions, you would be filled with encouraging words and uplifting comments.  You never want to say something negative to yourself that you wouldn’t say to your best friend. When you write this love letter or love note to yourself try not to drudge up all the old, painful mistakes.   Only discuss something if you can reflect on those situations and celebrate them as lessons learned and personal growth.  Celebrate your strength in overcoming that setback.  Look at the ways you are able to motivate and help others.  Think about the humor you bring to situations.  Do you see the beauty in others? In nature?  In your surroundings and life in general? 

Self-care is a form of self-love.  What are your nonnegotiable self-care acts?  What do you do, that demonstrates your love and care for yourself?   How do these things make you feel inside?  How can you express that feeling of love you feel within yourself when you rejuvenate and recharge?

Tell yourself you are worth it.  You are valuable.  Your worth is not determined by the opinions of those around you.  Tell yourself you are beautiful regardless of where you are in the stages of life.  There is beauty in youth.  There is beauty in middle age. There is beauty in the senior years.  You are beautiful with stretch marks, thinning hair, varicose veins and love handles.  You are beautiful with scars.  You are beautiful as an amputee or after your mastectomy.  Without comparing yourself to others look at yourself then discover and celebrate the beauty of what makes you who you are.  DISCOVER the whole you- the physical and mental combined.

Remember YOU are the best lover you will ever have.  Develop that love relationship and all other relationships will fall into place.  Start that letter today.

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