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How to get Summer Ready Feet 🦶🏾🦶🏽🦶🏻…Hint: There’s Still Time!

While we are all at home practicing social distancing and self-quarantine we can be getting ourselves ready for the next season. The coronavirus has stopped almost everyone in their tracks with lots of time at home. We can take advantage of this unfortunate time and get our feet summer ready!

Look down at your feet.  I mean really look at them.  What do you see?  Do you see vibrant polished color on your trimmed toenails?  Do you see moisturized skin?  Do you see smooth heels?  Or do you see chipped toenails, dry skin, and cracked/dirty heels?  Are there lint pills on your sheets at the foot of your bed because your heels snag the sheets at night?  Be honest.  What do you really see and feel when it comes to your feet?

Now ask yourself if your feet are ready?  I know some of you may be thinking “stay ready so you don’t have to get ready”, but when it is cold outside, and everyone is bundled and covered up with thick socks, heavy boots and warm leggings foot care can easily become afterthought.

It’s almost (just about) springtime and sandal season with cute open toe shoes and flip flops around the corner!  Many women will start flocking to the nail salon to resume their summer pedicure regimen.

Photo by Erik Odiin on Unsplash

There is nothing wrong with getting pedicures- in fact it’s lovely self-care and guaranteed peace time.  However, be aware that the key is the maintenance at home.  Ever notice that when you rely solely on salon pedicures your feet are never totally ash free.  You simply cannot go twice a month and expect smooth soft feet every day.  Here’s a plan to help you get your feet ready for the summer!  (Don’t worry this plan is totally manageable.)

Photo by Camille Brodard on Unsplash

The Plan

Step 1:  While there’s still time to keep your feet under wraps, do an extensive foot peel.  Once applied you can expect your feet to begin peeling after about 3 days.  This peeling will continue for up to 14 days. The process is not pretty, but the results are phenomenal. You are required to soak your feet in the exfoliant solution baggie for approximately one hour.  I place my feet in the bags and cover the bags with socks.  I sit down and read whatever book I’m currently reading, or I watch a tv show I’ve recorded.  Either way it’s totally ‘me time’ to relax and just be at one with myself.  I don’t move until the hour is over and it is time to rinse my feet. 

I’ve used two extensive foot peels:

Baby Foot Exfoliation Foot Peel (Most expensive one I’ve used (about $25USD) but with excellent results every time!)  (Purchase at Amazon, HEB (in Texas) or Ulta.)

Lavinsco Foot Peel Mask (Amazon purchase)

My humble advice:  Do not rush the process and peel the loose skin. 

Step 2: Once the peeling process has stopped use a double-sided pumice stone on your feet every night before you leave the shower.  Use the fine grit daily and the coarser grit once a week.  Add a few drops of soap to the pumice to not only get rid of dead skin but to clean the bottom of your feet.

Step 3: Use a thick moisturizer on your feet before bed.  I know many women sleep with socks over the thick moisturizer to enhance the absorption however, I can’t stand anything on my feet when I’m in bed, so I just use a thick moisturizer that absorbs quickly such as Vanicream, Eucerin or Aquaphor. These products have all worked wonders on my feet.

I have safely done the exfoliation peel once a month or once every other month for maintenance.  Depending on how much dead skin you have on your feet, you may need to do this once a month until your dead skin is removed or at least at a manageable level.  I have found it is much easier to moisturize and hydrate my feet when I don’t have layers upon layers of dead skin to penetrate.   Although this skin is thicker, we should not have cracked heels and white, ashy, crusty feet lol.  Remember, there is no judgment here, just a method to get your foot game under control.  I have also found that when I do go to the nail salon for a pedicure, the results last much longer along with my home maintenance. 

IMPORTANT!!! Remember to clean your feet every time you shower (you would be surprised how many people really feel that letting soapy water run over their feet constitutes washing).  You can use a foot brush for the top of the feet and ankles and use the fine grit pumice (nightly) coarse grit (weekly).  Apply lotion or foot cream EVERY time you bathe- not just when you want to wear cute shoes.


Along with beautiful, smooth, ash free feet come vibrant toenail color.  Whether you paint your toes to match your fingernails or polish them a different color apply nail color that compliments and accentuates your skin tone and of course your mood! Paint those toenails and you will be on your way!

Photo by: Sarah Pflug

Step 1: Remove old polish

Step 2: Apply cuticle remover cream/gel.  Ensure you read the bottle. The brand I use states not to keep the cuticle remover for more than 15 seconds on the skin.

Step 3: Remove old cuticle with cuticle nipper tool.  (You can find these at any drugstore, Amazon, Ulta, or Sephora)

Step 4: Rinse and dry feet.

Step 5: Clip/Shape toenails.

Step 6: Use cotton ball soaked with alcohol over nails.

Step 7: Use base coat, color, then top coat.

Image by moni quayle from Pixabay

Remember although pedicures are wonderful, they cannot be the only care our feet receive.  I know most of us have busy lives, stand on our feet most of the day and are just tired and exhausted. I promise you that if you put in the effort to take care of your feet, your feet will continue to take care of you. Our feet support us every single day and deserve a little daily TLC and YOU deserve the self-care.  Until next time…stay lovely!

As a reminder I was not sponsored for this article and all items referenced were purchased with my own money. Any opinions are strictly my own.

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