30 Days of Inspiration

🧘🏾‍♀‍30 days of Inspiration in April

I’ve decided to dedicate the next thirty days to inspiring others (and by default inspiring myself 🧘🏾‍♀‍). Inspiration in self-care, beauty, mental health, and physical exercise.

Photo by Danielle MacInnes on Unsplash

1 April -Day One

Make a plan to be your best you.  As we stroll through social media, we see so many people encouraging others with options on how to improve their bodies.   These individuals look physically fit and healthy.  It is absolutely amazing what the body can do.   What you are looking at is often a long process that has come to fruition and requires lots of maintenance and dedication.   Not to mention the setbacks and failed attempts that we just don’t see.  Trust me- they’re there.  If you had a healthy body before you can get it again.  If you are looking to get healthy – it is never too late.

Set a tangible goal- short term- for this month only. Let’s not set ourselves up for failure or disappointment because we are trying to bite off too big a chunk.  It’s the small stuff, piece by piece, day by day that will ensure we reach our goal or at least come really close to it.  Our goals are as individual as we are as people so I can’t tell you what your goals should be.  However, there is something that we must all be doing to keep fit.  No matter your fitness level we all must move each day-get the heart pumping and blood flowing.  To stop the spread of Coronavirus, we are under a stay at home order.  Our gyms are closed and for good reason.  But a brisk walk, jog, or run around the block can help you maintain or improve your fitness level until things get back to normal.  The last thing we want is to increase the amount we eat (including all the delicious snacks and drinks) without balancing it with some sort of exercise. 

As you follow your personal fitness plan, app (Gold’s Gym has a great app that I’m following), or favorite Instagram fitness pro- remember to take it in small steps and do not get discouraged.  Your goal is for you.  Don’t compare yourself to anyone else.  Work toward being your best you! 

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