30 Days of Inspiration

5 April – Day Five 30 Days of Inspiration

How can I help?  Who can I reach out to today to give a hand to?  Who can I encourage?  Times are very tough right now.  That is the God’s honest truth.  We are ALL affected one way or another.  I was thinking about how many people I know who are immunocompromised or ill.  The people I know who are battling cancer, survived cancer, or going through radiation treatments.  What about those with asthma, diabetes or some other health risk? Some of us were interacting everyday with people we know quite well but have no idea of the personal health struggles they may face.  I think about the elderly, the single parent with young children, or the physically handicapped where mobility may be a problem.

Today, for whoever came to mind when you asked the question, “How can I help?”, reach out and ask the question.  Offering help and assistance is always a gesture of care and love.  Remember it doesn’t have to be big or cost anything.  Sometimes all someone needs is a familiar voice and to know someone still cares.

Keep love in your heart.  Protect yourself and until tomorrow…

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