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10 April – Day Ten 30 Days of Inspiration

Practice The Pause

Lovelies! I’m sure you’ve heard of this phrase…. practice the pause🤫.

Always practice the pause

As we go through our daily lives and we interact with others, it’s inevitable that we will come across some unsavory or less than desirable characters.  Although we are all human (which means we as feminine ladies have our days too), it is SO wise to practice the pause. 

We can’t deny that there are some really mean, cruel, jealous and vindictive people out there. 

Instead of reacting to situations (which is often knee-jerk) we can pause, breathe and think.  It allows use to respond instead of react.  At times the proper response is no response or absolute silence.  This gives you choice.  It also allows you to maintain control.  I hear your inner voice and I hear mine too🤦🏾‍♀️.  This isn’t easy and it’s not for the weak.  That’s why we must practice the pause until it comes naturally. Some people really know how to push those buttons, some people are asking for it and really deserve it, but what will it cost you?  How much of your peace will be gone or spent on someone who really doesn’t deserve your energy and focus?

So, am “I” perfect with this way of responding? ABSOLUTELY NOT.  I have been guilty in the past of allowing people to get me off of my game.  I actually would lose focus and put energy into getting someone back. 

What a time waster!  What did I gain?  What did they lose? In both instances nothing.     

That’s why we must practice the pause until it comes naturally.  There is no requirement to give an immediate response to someone’s comment or question.  Don’t feel compelled to rush your words.  Remove the emotion for a quick minute and ask yourself these questions-

What is this person really asking me?

Are they coming from a pure place with positive intentions?

Are they trying to be funny – and it just bombed?

Or was the “joke” malicious or backhanded?

In addition, I think we can (with time) consider having a little compassion for those who are hurting and haven’t healed which in turn causes them to make the CHOICE to hurt others.  Yes, I said it…they have made a choice to hurt others. Within that same compassion, we may have to decide to love from afar, or possibly completely cut ties from them in order maintain our personal peace and self-respect.  Hard choices I know, especially when it is someone you love or really care about.  But as a wonderful friend of mine always says, “You must protect your peace”. Hi Steph!😊. That is something I really take to heart.

Composure is the state of being calm and maintaining tranquility.  It is very difficult to regain your composure once you have lost your balance.  It is also very hard to regain your leverage and respectability once it has been lost.  Whether we want to believe it or not- image is everything.  Let’s be careful to preserve and protect the image we work so hard to build.   Focus on the bigger picture so poise, femininity, and class can shine through.

Until tomorrow.

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4 thoughts on “10 April – Day Ten 30 Days of Inspiration”

  1. This is when you take a really deep breath!!! count 1-2-3.. Or better do Dr. Weil breathing technique. Look at the person and wait at a distance! Just looking at them!! Usually, if others are around and they are shooting off at the mouth, people will wonder what’s wrong with them while they are screaming at You. It took me a long time to not let others draw me into their craziness!! Kudos:)

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