30 Days of Inspiration

18 April – Day Eighteen 30 Days of Inspiration

What Are You Grateful For Tonight?

The new normal is very difficult to adjust too. Everybody is dealing with something and no one is going to be unscathed. Individuals are going hungry or running low on food. Individuals are losing their businesses. The stress of not being approved for the small business loans. Individuals are going to work having to face horrific tragedies and in many cases, they are not properly protected with the equipment they need.

Many questions that simply cannot be answered. Will my child fall behind because they were out of school for so long? Will I find another job if my current job falls through? The list is endless unfortunately. It is too much. A lot of pain. A lot of sorrow. A lot of uncertainty.

Tonight, I am going to be simply thankful and think about the positive things in my life and the life of my family. I am thankful that we are healthy. I am thankful that we are going to bed with our bellies full. I am thankful for having access to clean water and hot water to bathe. I am thankful for my bathroom and having a few rolls of toilet paper lol.

As I wind down to go to bed, I’m going to set my worries and apprehensions aside and just fill my mind with gratitude and positivity so I can rest.

I hope you are able to clear your mind, fill it positivity and rest as well. Even if it’s just for one night. As difficult as it is, strive to keep gratitude in your heart somehow, no matter what you may be facing.

Until tomorrow….

2 thoughts on “18 April – Day Eighteen 30 Days of Inspiration”

  1. Yes, having gratitude is very important. It is easy to take many of the things we have, and family for granted. I too am very grateful for a wonderful family and friends and especially a loving daughter like you Lovelyshawn!!:)


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