30 Days of Inspiration

24 April – Day Twenty – Four 30 Days of Inspiration

What a quote, huh?

One day or day one.  You decide.  Author unknown.

So simple, yet so profound.

How many times have we said ‘one day’…with a spark and sheen in our eyes?  Absolute fire and desire.  All excited and expectant – and just left it there.  Flat.  An empty expectation.  A dream. 

Your “one day” could be anything.   Just fill in the blank. 

The key is having a plan so you can follow up the “one day idea” with a day one and be on your way to accomplishing whatever it is you dream about.

It’s about taking steps in the direction toward accomplishing your goal.  Nothing more.  If you simply sit around and continue to wish for things, absolutely nothing will happen expect time will pass.  That you can be sure of. 

Life has a way of adding detours and unexpectant issues.  That is ok.  You may be off track for a minute or two. You may have to set the plan aside, but always come back to it so you can keep striving forward. 

If the time is going to pass anyway what do you have to lose🥰

Whatever is on your heart that you’ve been thinking about and dreaming about- go for it. 

I think so many people die with exceptional ideas and unrealized or unfulfilled dreams.   Don’t get to the end of your life and have regret that you never attempted to reach your goal.  It is better to have failed at it, than never attempt.

That’s the worse case scenario. I like to stay positive.

Ask yourself how wonderful it will feel to have worked toward something and accomplish it.  You’ll never know if you don’t try.  You get to decide if you’ll start today and take the first step.

I’d love to hear your success stories one day. 

Until tomorrow… 

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