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25 April – Day Twenty -Five 30 Days of Inspiration

Listening to Other People’s Opinions

Not to be crude, but you’ve heard the expression…Opinions are like a$$holes, everybody’s got one.

When you get past the language, isn’t that a true statement. 

I mean really. 

Everyone has an opinion about everything. 

Like it or not, that “everyone” umbrella includes you and I.

It’s not the fact that everyone has an opinion that is troubling.  It’s the fact that so many people live their lives and make their decisions based on the opinions of others.

The stress we put on ourselves, thinking about what others think of our daily lives?  Should I wear this outfit?  What will people think?  What will so and so say?  Should I get my hair cut in this or that style?  Will others like it?  How does my dress look? I wonder if people will laugh.🙄

I wasted so much of my younger years worrying about what other people thought of me.  SO MUCH TIME.🤦🏾‍♀️ Trapped in my head actually thinking people gave a darn about whatever it was I was worried about.  In hindsight, I realize that they probably didn’t care as much as I convinced myself they did.  People have their own problems and concerns.  Those who did voice their opinions I should not given any attention to because in most cases they were not people I really considered as valuable.  You live and you learn.

Some people love giving their opinions as if it were the law of the land.  People are free to speak, Lord knows we can’t stop anyone, but you must be careful who you listen to.

Family does not always know what is best.

Friends do not always know what is best.

Co-workers do not always know what is best.

Strangers certainly do not always know what is best.

When listening to someone’s opinion about a situation you are facing, you must really consider the source as well.

Does the person come from a place of true concern?  Is it possible the person has an ulterior motive?  Do they have credible knowledge about what they have an opinion about? 

You see, that’s important, asking yourself those questions.  Opinions aren’t fact.  Therefore, if their opinion isn’t weaved with some wisdom or true experience…how much value should you really put into it?  I’d say not much.

When you have an issue that is a cause of concern for you and your life AND you need to make a decision, consider making a list of pros and cons.  I know it sounds so basic, but you would be surprised by how clear things become when you write it out on paper and really look at it.

You are the one who will ultimately have to live with the decision you make so before you listen to the opinions of others ask yourself…

Can I live with this (insert advice or opinion here) if I take this advice/listen to this opinion?

What does this mean for me long term if I take this advice/listen to this opinion?

Will I have true dependable support if I take this advice/listen to this opinion?

Is this really what I want to do, or am I scared of how I will look to others?

So many people mean well. However, they can only speak from their perspective and thought process.

Remember it is ok to consider someone’s opinion and if you value their advice.  At the end of the day,  make sure you are the one making the decision for what is best for YOU!

You will never make everyone happy, so live your life and be YOU.

Until tomorrow…

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