How to Create Your Own Blissful Spa Experience at Home


Nighttime can truly be a luxurious time you look forward to.   At the end of a long day, you can treat yourself to a little bit of luxury in your own private haven.

Photo by Camille Brodard on Unsplash

Luxury doesn’t have to mean expensive.  In fact, I think luxury comes in different forms and different monetary values.  Yes, at first thought we equate luxury with expense, but it is not always the case.  You can create a luxurious mood with products from the drug store, dollar store, Macy’s or Neiman Marcus.  It’s not the label or the cost it is your state of mind and with a little creativity your personal haven can be just what the doctor ordered. 

***Before we get started, take the time to clean your home beforehand.  There is nothing luxurious about stepping over laundry, having a dirty bathroom (including the tub 🛁), looking at piled dishes in the sink, dust on the headboard, etc.  Clean your home and personal space.  It makes a difference.  You’ll be glad you did.🥰

Set the Mood and Create Your Scene

The mood…oh yes, and you get to define exactly what that means.  Moods (Sexy, relaxing/spa, earthy/meditative, etc.)  You choose.  🧘🏾‍♀️🧘🏼‍♀️🧘‍♀️ There is no standard, it is what you want and what makes you feel beautiful, relaxed and luxurious.

The key to luxury is to incite your senses –  what you see, hear, smell, taste, and touch.

Here are some ideas to provoke your senses within your home:

  • Use a light dimmer or apply softer lighting in general to create an atmosphere of relaxation and peace. 
  • Display soft throws, pillows, and pretty blankets to make your area cozy and visually inviting.  
  • Try incorporating a calming, peaceful color scheme to your area. 
  • Consider using white crisp towels or pastel colors for the bath – representing not only cleanliness but tranquility for a spa like effect. 
  • A pretty flower arrangement can also bring a sense of being in a spa-like environment.  Flowers can be fresh or silk in an arrangement or single stems in a vase.
  • Spark your auditory senses with soothing sounds created by a bamboo water flowing fountain machine, an app (the calm app or calm.com is fantastic!) or even use YouTube with relaxing soundtracks of cracking fires, ocean sounds or classical music.
  • Consider creating a spa luxury playlist of music you want to hear while relaxing. 
  • Spritz your bed sheets and pillows with linen spray, an essential oil blend or use a light mist of your perfume. 
  • Try aromatherapy, essential oils and scents that infuse your area with tranquility. 
  • Scents to consider- eucalyptus, rose, lavender, patchouli, coconut, jasmine or vanilla.
  • Light simple scented candles to infuse the room with delightful scents.
  • Sip on a relaxing beverage.  For some, this may be a glass of wine.  Stay in line with the scene you have created by pouring the wine in a nice glass flute.  For others, it may be cucumber water, tea or hot chocolate.  Select a pretty mug, preferably one with an inspiring message on it.  
  • If you plan on soaking in the bath, consider using a bath pillow. 
  • While in the bath, use a bath caddy or tray for the tub to hold your book, wine, and snack. 
  • Use a bath overflow drain cover which allows you to fill the tub as much as you’d like.

Begin pampering yourself 🧖🏾‍♀️🧖🏼‍♀️🧖‍♀️

Cleanse your face neck and décolletage.

Apply a moisturizing face mask (with a brush for a spa like effect).

Use an eye mask.

While soaking in the tub, you can use choose anything from epsom salts, bath bombs, bath salts, elixirs, bath oils and bubble baths. 

Remember any of these products and items can be purchased anywhere from your basic drug store to a high-end luxury market.  The sky’s the limit with your imagination and budget!

Thoroughly cleanse your body using an exfoliating towel, bath gloves, loofah, mitt or bath brush. Sugar scrub your entire body and use a scented oil on your freshly exfoliated skin.

Don’t forget to enjoy your beverage.

After toweling off and using your scented oil or lotion, lightly spritz perfume on your wrists and décolletage. 

If you are in the mood, massage your feet with some oil.  Your feet will love you for it. 

Put on the most sensual robe you own.  I know many women own several robes.  Choose the robe that gives you the most luxurious and sensual feel.  (This would not be the robe with the breakfast stains, hair dye stains, or holes in it.  That’s another post all together☺️ -getting rid of such an item).  Choose the robe you feel most beautiful in.

Allow the stress of your day to continue to melt away.  Indulge yourself in this total relaxing experience.

Going to bed

At this point your body is cleansed, exfoliated and moisturized.  Your luxurious experience has resulted into not only clean skin, but skin that is silky smooth and delightfully scented.  Your lighting is relaxing and peaceful.  Your background music is low and brings you an aura of peace and total relaxation.  If you wear a headwrap at night to preserve that fantastic hairstyle, tie up your headwrap in a sexy way.  If you don’t use a headwrap, pin up your hair in a sexy alluring style.  The idea is to not only get in the mood and mindset but keep you in a mood of luxury.  Ask yourself how you would look if you were visiting an expensive, luxurious spa.  You would not have a rag on your head, you would have a stylish wrap.  If your hair was loose you would pin it up stylishly.   

Wear a flattering garment to bed.  Go with your comfort level.  Remember go with what makes YOU feel beautiful.  If you love the feel of satin or silk on your skin go for it.  If you love the feel of cotton use it!  Whatever fabric you choose make sure the garment is in line with your idea of luxury.   Get out that item that you feel absolutely beautiful in and put it on.  Why wait for a “special occasion” or a “special someone”?  Allow that special someone to be you.  Plan to make this a personal ritual to transform your space and thoughts.  Remember being a sexy woman begins in your mind.  Combine the mindset of your sexiness with your environment of luxury and enjoy the rest and restoration you deserve. 

Until next time…

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