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10 Tips to Maintain Excellent Feminine Hygiene

This post is for all women.  Regardless of your age or stage of life, this post does not assume anything.  Consider these tips as a refresher, a talk with a friend or as good ole advice from your favorite auntie🥰.

1.  Bathe head to toe at least once a day 🛁– including all folds and hot spots.  What are hot spots for women?  Underarms, under breasts, under the abdomen (if you have a fold here), vaginal/rectal area and feet).  Ladies there is no way around it.  We sweat.  It’s a fact of life.  You must keep your body clean🧼. Don’t forget to moisturize.

2.  Use fragrance free cleanser on the vaginal area.  News flash- your vagina is NOT supposed to smell like a rose floral bed or spring meadow.  HOWEVER, it should not smell like a death trap either.  I am convinced that summers eve was created by a man who probably had good intention, but seriously missed the mark.  To prevent irritation, wash this area with fragrance free cleanser and only the outer portion of the vagina (Mons pubis, clitoral hood, vulva and labia (lips)), perineum (the area between the anus and the vagina) and anus.  Douching, bubble baths and feminine sprays are also not recommended as it can disrupt the flora within the vagina exposing you to infection and irritation.  ** Ladies if you do develop an odor that is out of ordinary for you or foul smelling, please go to the gynecologist as soon as possible.

3.  Minimize or remove body hair to reduce the collection of odors.  Along with so many other things, coronavirus put a kink in our beauty maintenance.  You may be a fan of sugar waxing, hard wax, soft wax, laser, however with the spas closed, hair in your neither regions may have got out of control.  Some salons are beginning to reopen and if you are brave enough to go, you will be back on track.  For the rest of us, at home body hair maintenance can be done with an eyebrow razor or traditional razor if it does not irritate your skin.  You can cut the pubic hair down and shape up with an eyebrow razor.  Easy peasy!  Use a mirror, you don’t want to cut your clitoris😉.  The odor from the collection of sweat will be minimized. 

Side note:  I am in no way judging women who prefer to keep their body hair.  This tip is to help those who want to remove body hair to minimize odor.

4.  Change panty liners throughout the day and don’t wear tampons for more than a couple of hours at one time and change pads frequently.  The liner, tampon, or pad you put on in the morning SHOULD NOT still be on in the evening.  This will prevent not only odor, but also protect your health. Additionally, if you leak urine, consider using Poise Pads or some other bladder control pad as a part of your routine.  They are much more absorbent and thicker than traditional pads.  Remember there are also so many natural cotton fiber options now to choose from.  Be aware of Toxic Shock Syndrome, a serious condition linked to the use of superabsorbent tampons, contraceptive sponges and diaphragms among other things. More information can be found at this link Ladies, if you ever experience any unusual odor, itching, or discharge please make an appointment to see your gynecologist or doctor as soon as possible.

5.  Scrape your tongue👅.  In addition to daily flossing and brushing, scrape your tongue with a tongue scraper.  It helps keep bad breath at bay.

6.  Clean your ears when you wash your face.  Be sure to clean the folds on your ear. If you wear the same earrings every day, especially if they are studs, take them out occasionally and clean the area around the earring and your ear. Dirt easily builds up there causing odors.

7.  Don’t wear the same bra two days in a row.  Change your underwear EVERYDAY.  Wear cotton crotch underwear.  Please remember when you are wearing non-cotton underwear, your vagina is not in ideal conditions.  Therefore, limit the wear of non-cotton materials.  If you are a frequent thong wearer, it is even more important to keep up your hygiene as the fabric is literally flossing around and can easily spread germs and bacteria.

8.  Wash your feet.  I am so surprised, when people say they do not bend down and wash their feet in the shower😳.  Ladies, you can’t simply let the soapy water run over your toes and call it a day.  Not good.  When in the shower, bend down and wash your lower calves, ankles and feet.  I use a long handled bristled brush to accomplish this.  Not to mention it feels great- win-win!

9.  Use baby wipes (remember these are not flushable) or flushable wipes (check to see if your brand is flushable) and toilet paper 🧻 when you poop💩.  If you don’t have a bidet (which is the cleanest method of all), you need to wipe the rectal area clean with a wipe, then follow up with toilet paper.  Think of it like this- can you imagine just wiping your baby’s butt with a piece of tissue, smearing the poop around, then putting on a new diaper?  Of course not.  Same concept for our adult booties🍑.  Your booty will feel so much better!

10.  Drink water 🚰 throughout the day to keep everything flowing just right and lubricated.  Seriously speaking, dehydration is a fast track to problems.  Make water your primary drink and occasionally imbibe in sugary and alcoholic beverages.  The changes you will see in your skin will amaze you and your body will love you for it!

Until next time…

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