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Before You Give Up…How to Simplify Your Routines and Plans for Genuine Success

The No Pressure Approach to Set You Up for Success

     Let’s get something right out into the open😇.  If your routine works for you and you are seeing results this article is probably not for you.  Keep going strong and do what works for you- and don’t forget to celebrate your successes along the way!  This article is aimed to help those who usually taper off in their enthusiasm about their new resolution or goal before they reach it.  If you find that you lose interest, drive and motivation, and then abandon your goals before you accomplish them– these tips may help.

Balance is Key

Ambition is great, having goals is even better, but it all needs to be balanced with a healthy dose of realism.

This time of year, it’s everywhere you look – the New Year’s Resolution.  New Year, New You.  Fitness goals-exercise more/lose weight.  Find love.  Make more friends. Skin goals.  Get organized. 

It’s overwhelming.  So many of us start the new year off with good intentions and full of energy then slowly lose steam and fall short of our aspirations.

Here are a few tips to help you retain your momentum until you hit your goal!

Focus on the System More than the Goal

What is a system? basically defines it as a collection of parts integrated to accomplish a goal.  It is also defined as a set of procedures to which something is done. 

The parts of a successful system for our purposes are essentially habits, mindset, and consistency.

Let’s talk about habits and mindset first.  Habits are just patterns of usual behavior- the things we do on a regular basis. 

The habits you participate in must align with what you are trying to accomplish.  As humans, we sometimes give in to temptation or simply choose to do something contrary to what we know is best.  That makes us human and that is OK.  But ask yourself if your habits really align with your goal.

Your habits must be in line with what you want.  In other words, the habit must occur more often than not.  It’s not what you do on occasion that throws off the system it’s what is done consistently.     

Pay Attention to Your ‘Why” and Mindset

     Why are you attempting to achieve this goal?  What is the big picture?  Knowing your ‘why’ helps you stay motivated and keep moving forward even when you want to quit or take a shortcut.  We all have moments or seasons where we want to throw in the towel and quit.  Keeping the right mindset and remembering the why helps us stay on track. When you are faced with indecision and uncertainty, going back to the why can sometimes relight your path.

Mindset is also important because our subconscious mind or little inner voice does not always speak to us with love, encouragement and positivity.  If possible, it helps to identify the negative mindset right up front and have a positive mindset ready to replace it.  You may have to write out positivity quotes and post it somewhere you can see it until the positive mindset becomes second nature.  I personally have a few affirmations and positive statements printed on Post-its on my bathroom mirror.  My thoughts…to do whatever it takes to keep your mind sharp and aligned with positivity and inspiration.

Try not to allow anything within your control to deter you from your goal💚.

Be Consistent and Simplify Your Routine

One of the most important keys to success to just about anything is consistency.  Pure and simple.  Create a simplistic approach to whatever task or challenge you are trying to tackle, and success will follow.

No matter what the routine- simplify it.  Aspire for the least number of steps, products, time, etc., you can take and still accomplish your goals.  In other words, eliminate the fluff and anything extra that is ultimately not useful and worth your time.  Don’t make your routine complicated, instead, make it practical for your life.  It has to work for YOU and YOUR LIFE.

Don’t get sidetracked by the routines and systems you see online or posted by your favorite celebrity.  A 2-hour morning routine may not be practical for you.  That is OK👌🏾👌🏼👌.  As long as your routine or system supports your goal.  It does not have to be elaborate and time consuming to work.  Remember it is consistency that unlocks 🔓the key to success and results.  Consistency is what actually produces the results.

     You have to make time to live and enjoy your life.  Make your routines simple so it can be sustained.  Too many unnecessary steps often lead to immense feelings of overwhelm, monotony, or boredom which results in leaving the routine by the wayside.   I can’t say this enough – consistency is key whatever your goal.   Find a way to make it simple enough that you are willing and able to consistently do it and you will find success!

So, ask yourself, what are the small changes you can make to your routine or system to make it more efficient and manageable for you?  There rarely is a one size fits all. 

You won’t see results right away- great things take time.

Don’t compare your journey to anyone.  This is about you and for you only!  Just don’t give up.  Maintain the routine and be consistent. 

Until next time. 

Be Polished.  Be Alluring.  Be Elegant.  Be You. 

Be Unapologetically You.

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