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Move in Silence

Moving in silence.  What is it and why is it so important?

OK. Moving in silence is nothing more than getting yourself together or working on your goals without telling the whole world and broadcasting it.  It’s working on something without announcing your progress, your goal, or your status to others.  It’s just being quiet and doing you and letting your actions speak for you at the appropriate time. 

Reasons Why You Should Move In Silence

Reason number one – no naysayers. 

We all have them in our lives – it could be a family member or even a close friend.  Yes, even a family member. Sad, but true. Naysayers are people who give their solicited or unsolicited opinions and comments about what you should or should not do, or what you can or cannot achieve, but in a negative light.  The “What If” fairy is what I call it.  Someone always questioning your moves… “What if this happens?”  “What if that happens?”  Ugh.  Please be quiet Mr. or Mrs. Naysayer. Just because they can’t do it doesn’t mean you can’t. Sometimes the drive or dream you possess isn’t evident to those around you and that is OK.  In fact, it’s more than fine.  It doesn’t have to be visual to others to be real or valid.  If you know without a shadow of a doubt that a particular goal, some personal dream, or aspiration is for you – go for it.  Even if you have failed previously, keep at it.  It’s cliché but we really do only have one life.  Why live it only trying to please those around you? Stay focused and work hard toward your goal. 

Reason number two – no diversions.

If you have something specific you want to do – do it.  There are times we allow others to change our mind and we deviate from our plans or goals.  Or we compromise and make changes to appease others.  Don’t divert from your plan unless you truly want to.  Don’t allow others to plant little seeds of doubt in your head.  Brooke Castillo said, “Because I want to is a complete sentence.”  I believe that whole heartedly.  You wanting to do something is enough.  Point blank period.  This idea that we must change direction once options are presented to us is ludicrous.  It’s very silly.  We want to be firmly planted and not easily swayed with every opinion.  Only change course and make changes if you truly want and need to.  Let’s not allow seeds of doubt from others to take root and grow, resulting in us deviating from our original plans. 

Reason number three – keep the communications line open.

When you consult with God, a higher power, or the universe you don’t want any distractions.  Sometimes you must sit still and listen without the distraction of other voices.  This relates back to reason number one.  The drive and dream you were given was on purpose.  It doesn’t matter if others can’t see it.  Stay focused on whatever gift you were given to develop.

You Already Spilled The Beans…Now What?

So, what do you do when you find yourself with naysayers who already know what your goals are?  In the best-case scenario, you can simply remove yourself from the situation but sometimes you just can’t.  In that case stop trying to convince others of why you can achieve whatever it is you are working on.  Stop participating in the conversation of your life with others (especially those who don’t or won’t support you) trying to convince them.  You only must convince yourself.

You Haven’t Spilled the Beans…Great!

Let’s say you haven’t shared your goals or whatever you are doing, that’s excellent!  Keep your business under your hat until you are strong enough to stand up for yourself and keep moving forward.  This way you’re constantly working and motivating yourself without having the extra negativity being brought towards you.  Remember there’s always somebody who wants to say what you can’t do, what can’t happen and what’s impossible.  Keep your energy focused on achieving your goals and moving forward.  Wherever our energy is directed will result in our reality.  So, keep that energy positively aligned and speak prosperity and growth into whatever you are working on.  It may be difficult at first to keep it all under your hat, but it is worth it.  Let your success speak for you all in due time.

How To Stay Driven While Moving In Silence

A lot of times we draw from others when we need motivation or inspiration.  You will still need encouragement and inspiration along your journey, and it is ok to get it from outside sources sometimes.  However, when moving in silence it is important to learn to self-motivate.  Sometimes we look to others for approval or a pat on the back when we really need to be giving that to ourselves for the most part.

Here’s some ideas to help you learn to self-motivate while moving in silence:

1.  Join a like-minded community that shares your goals and aspirations.

Sometimes you may want to bounce ideas of another person and get another perspective.  Having a supportive community or connecting with others that have similar goals and can relate to your struggles while appreciating your triumphs can really be the boost you need. 

2.  Reciting affirmations starting with the powerful words “I am” can help you release anxieties, negativity, and stress.   Affirmations can also help you get in a positive vibrational state.  Your pattern of thinking and ability to maintain a positive state of mind will develop over time and motivate you to take charge of your thoughts.  Affirmations can be generalized or very specific.  YouTube has hundreds of free affirmation videos to get you started.  I’ve mentioned some of my favorites in other articles and I’ve added to my list.  Here are a couple I personally use daily:   

Jason Stephenson

You Are Creators

Take your time and dig deep and you will certainly find a affirmation video that is perfect for you. 

I’ve found that one of the best benefits of reciting daily affirmations is you get the opportunity to reinforce pure positivity which increases your vibration, which in turn can provide encouragement.  It works!  Vibration and energy are real.

3.  Keep a record of ALL your accomplishments- no matter how small.  Keep yourself accountable with a tracker or other goalpost monitoring system. Hold yourself accountable with a tracker of your goals, post your progressions and your failures so you can see how far you’ve come because you’re going to make it.  Documenting your journey will be the evidence you need to never stop moving forward.

4.  Another great reason to move in silence is to just keep your options open.  Maybe you’re undecided about something.  Maybe you’re not sure that you even want to go a particular route.  Give yourself the option to change your mind or make changes without the critics putting their two cents.  You owe this to yourself.  You are in control.  Maintain the option to make your choices in peace.

Sad as it sounds, everybody doesn’t necessarily want to see you succeed.

There is nothing wrong with being positive and being teachable, but you must always protect your energy at all costs.  Receive from those who not only have good intentions for you, but you also value their perspective.

Let your success speak for itself.  Have discretion and discernment about the details of your moves.

Until next time. 

Be Polished.  Be Alluring.  Be Elegant.  Be You. 

Be Unapologetically You.

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2 thoughts on “Move in Silence”

  1. Well buddy, you’ve done it again. Moving in silence. It’s a bit sad that this is something that we have to consider amongst friends, but at the same time.. necessary. It’s enough to deal with the negative thoughts we put in our heads, so we don’t need the extra ones!

    1. Thank you so much Stephanie for reading and thank you for your comments. You make an excellent point. We do have negative thoughts that we put in our own heads and we certainly don’t need the extra ones☺️.

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