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Tuesday Thoughts – 8 June 2021

Stop Expecting You From Other People

Another short note.  Simple and sweet with something to keep in mind🥰.

Stop expecting YOU from other people.  It is breaking your heart.  


The type of expectations you put on people can often (more times than not) leave you very disappointed.

It helps to see people as they are, NOT as you want them to be.  You can’t expect people to behave or respond the way you do. 

So, the idea of being good to others or the “Golden Rule – do as to others as you want done unto you” is slightly misleading.  You should always treat others as you want to be treated, but you can not expect everyone else to do the same.  Please read that again.  You cannot expect everyone else to do the same.  You can’t change this. You have absolutely no control over other people, their thoughts, or their actions.

It’s very stressful when you are expecting people to do what you would do.  Expecting people to reciprocate in the same manner you would is not realistic.  

Instead, don’t have an expectation at all.  This concept takes practice.  Either don’t have an expectation or MINIMIZE the expectation.  This way positive actions are always icing on the cake or a welcome unexpected action.  It’s like getting an unexpected gift in the mail.  You weren’t expecting it, so you cherish it more. 

When someone doesn’t respond in the way you would have, you can move forward with ease because you never had the expectation for them to do so in the first place.  No love lost.  No anger. No resentment. 

I know this is hard to do.  It almost seems counterintuitive but, it works.  You will have an unimaginable peace of mind.  Less stress and less anxiety.

Use Discernment

It’s important that you use discernment because there are some expectations that are not only necessary but important to health and safety.  In life there are non-negotiables when it comes to customs and courtesies that should be followed and there is a reasonable expectation that people will follow it.  For example, there is a reasonable expectation for people driving on the road to follow the traffic laws to prevent accidents, a reasonable expectation that people wash their hands after using the bathroom and before preparing meals to prevent sickness and the transmission of disease.  You can see how these expectations are totally different than let’s say the “expectation” of someone giving you a birthday or Christmas gift.  It’s would be nice, but it is certainly not of life or death importance…maybe just a bruised ego😚.

Bottom line – expect nothing and appreciate everything.

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Until next time.  

Be Polished.  Be Alluring.  Be Elegant.  Be You.  

Be Unapologetically You.

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