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Self-Care and Affirmations Are Not a Trend

Self-Care Beyond TikTok and Instagram Videos The I am healthy, I am wealthy challenge.  I won’t lie I had to look it up at first to see what this was all about.  Not too long ago it was everywhere, and I think just about everybody’s heard about it by now.  It was all over TikTok… Continue reading Self-Care and Affirmations Are Not a Trend

Stop Calling Yourself Ugly and Unattractive…How to Get Out of Your Own Head.

Repeat after me… I’m not ugly, I’m a work in progress and each stage of my life has beauty and value. There are a lot of women who secretly think they are ugly, unattractive or unworthy. They don’t show up to the world saying it, but in their private space that is the conversation they are having with themselves in their heads. If this is you, or someone you know, let’s look at some ways to get out of your own head.

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