30 Days of Inspiration

11 April – Day Eleven 30 Days of Inspiration

6 Ways to Include Olive Oil in Your Beauty Routine Not all beauty treatments are luxury boutique purchases.  Sometimes you can find efficient, practical treatments that work right in your kitchen pantry. Makeup Remover If you wear long wearing foundation, it is highly likely you double cleanse at night. If you are not familiar with… Continue reading 11 April – Day Eleven 30 Days of Inspiration


About Me

Hi, I’m Shawn, owner of Modern Feminine Life! Thanks for stopping by my blog🧘🏾‍♀️. Modern Feminine Life is a channel about personal growth, mindset, and femininity. Femininity is an art as well as a way of life. I'm a lifestyle blogger and femininity enthusiast. I help women wherever they are in their journey and help… Continue reading About Me


Mindset and The Sexy Woman

Sexiness is within every woman. What if I told you sexiness had nothing to do with what you wear.  What if I told you that it has nothing to do with makeup (or how you do that famed winged eyeliner or sultry red lip).  Most certainly nothing to do with the clothes you are wearing. … Continue reading Mindset and The Sexy Woman